about cherries

Cherry varieties are all different. Our cherry varieties, in order of maturity are:


A great tasting early variety with moderate yields


Firm and great tasting and should always be ready before Christmas. Santina doesn’t grow as large as later verities like Lapins


The fruit is large, very attractive and relatively firm. Stella is regarded ideally suited to the district and has been a reliable performer. It is harvested just before Christmas.


Lapins is currently considered one of the best producing varieties in Australia. The fruit is large, dark red to mahogany, firm, moderately sweet with good flavour and acidity. Lapins is a late maturing variety and usually harvested in January.


Simone is a Canadian variety of sweet cherry. It very similar to Lapins but it generally matures three days after Lapins.

Sweet Georgia

A whole tree mutation of Lapins from Tasmania, Australia. The fruit is similar to Lapins and appears to have better stems. Fruit quality appears to be excellent. We have a limited number of trees in production at present. Maturity appears to be ten to fourteen days after Lapins.

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