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Trading as the Blue Cherry Company, we produced our first export quality cherries in December 2004.
This is a family-run business with a unique brand that aims to set new industry benchmarks by producing big, sweet, delicious cherries for export and for sale in Australia.
Almost seven hectares of cherries have so far been planted – about 9000 trees. The aim is to develop around 10 hectares of orchard producing quality fruit from early/mid-December to mid-January.
We are managing the orchard intensively and, in doing so, are setting new industry production standards.
All water used on the orchard is harvested from rain fall run off and stored on the property in a farm dam.
We have a focus on efficient and sustainable water use……not just water conservation but in achieving the maximum returns possible per megalitre.
The balance of the 25 hectare property is stringy bark forest that is being managed and revegetated and which is highly valued due to its proximity to parks and reserves where native flora and fauna is protected.
As well as a commitment to growing big, sweet, delicious cherries, the property is economically and environmentally sustainable.
A permanent bird proof structure covers the productive orchard. Without this protection, it would be challenging to produce a viable crop as birds eat both the buds, flowers, and ripe cherries.

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